Everything You Need for the Canine Fashionista in Your Life: part 1

imageLet’s be perfectly clear here. Dogs don’t care about fashion. They care about their companions, eating, sleeping, sniffing and playing. Dogs themselves are not fashion accessories nor are they an extension of you. You know, like your kids. With that said, I love cute dog gear. And dogs require a lot of gear. If you can find high quality stuff that is also esthetically pleasing and not insanely expensive, why wouldn’t you? Oh, wait. I know why. It could take days to scour the internet and stores. So I did the legwork (or fingerwork?) for you. This is the first in a 3-part series for my fellow crazy dog ladies (and gents). Today’s post will be focusing on everything you need for walking your furbaby in style. Continue reading

Spa Manicures for People Who Don’t Go to Spas

I’ve been doing this beauty blog thing for over a year now. How is it possible that I haven’t done a DIY spa manicure post? Well, here it is. All of us nail DIYers have our reasons. The expense, unwillingness to relinquish control, past negative experience, fear of infection, a new rescue dog that looks like you told her the world ran out of cheese every time you leave the house. Out of necessity, we become shut-ins experts. So, I’d like to share with what I’ve learned after years of being too neurotic to let anyone else touch my nails. Continue reading